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William Burke

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Thursday, October 4, 2012
- | Segal Theatre


Photo of Marty Brown by Michael De Angelis


When Elmo close Elmo appear far.
The army gathers, 42nd street beware.
A piece for 1 Elmo, 2 impostors, a cowboy, and the general cookie monster mob.

Artists Involved: Performed by Marty Brown; set design by Jason Simms; costumes by Asta Hostetter.

Lead Artist: WILLIAM BURKE is a playwright and director living Bushwick. His plays have been seen at IRT, Little Theatre at Dixon Place, The Seattle Fringe and the Bushwick Starr. Recently: EXPODITY!! as part of the Target Margin Last Futurist Labs and the devil wants his hat back as part of the Bushwhack Series at the Bushwick Starr. Other plays include: Furry, The Yurt, She has to be Outside and the food was terrible, He was also the Football Choreographer and dramaturginator for Half Straddle’s Football/In the Pony Palace, he is the founder of ANGRY BLVD with Mallery Avidon and the Director for Rocky Mountain Vandamage by Darcy Burke. He is pursuing his Masters in Playwriting at Brooklyn College.

Upcoming: the devil wants his hat back will be a part of the Black Swan Lab at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


Prelude.12 at a Glance

OCT. 3

OCT. 4

OCT. 5

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