Thursday, October 4
4-4:45PM | Elebash

What would happen if theater-makers were replaced by the audience? Community imitates theater imitating community: for 45 awkward minutes, watch the downtown theater-snake eat its own tail.

Hoi Polloi/Alec Duffy presents a panel discussion in which “members of the community” play theater-makers who create work about “members of the community” addressing questions surrounding the ideals and practices of participatory art and art that imitates community.

Moderator Caleb Hammons

Special thanks to Claire Bishop (scholar), Lear deBessonet (artist), Andy Horwitz (artist / writer), Aaron Landsman (artist), and Niegel Smith (artist) for their contributions.



Friday, October 5
4–4:45PM | Elebash

Using projections in performance is hardly new—Josef Svoboda worked with interactive projections in the ‘50s, and even he was not the first. But it has taken nearly a century of playing with and around the cinematic image for certain guidelines and “best practices” to emerge. How can the live performer command attention when the human eye is drawn so irresistibly to the light-emitting screen? How does our deep cultural familiarity with in-camera and post-production manipulation demand a new dramaturgy? Julie Talen, digital pioneer and multi-channel cinema junkie, helps us bridge the gap between the theatrical and cinematic vocabularies.

Moderators Julie Talen (scholar) and Helen Shaw

Participants Caden Manson (Artist), Tony Torn (Artist), Marianne Weems (Artist) & others



As Prelude gathers together a whole community of artists trying to move the conversation forward, it’s only fair that we try not to let that conversation ebb. Our critical partners will have writers embedded in the festival, reacting both onsite and off in order to foster critical dialogue before, during, and after the span of events.


Andy Horwitz, Founder; Jeremy Barker, Editor; Jessica Applebaum, Lydia Bell, Max Cramer, Ryan Hatch, Eric Shethar, and Kai Tuchmann, PRELUDE.12 Writers.



Kathleen Amshoff, Esther Neff, Raul Zbengheci, and Emily Bercir Zimmerman, Regional Editors.

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