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Thursday, October 4, 2012
- | Elebash

Everyone’s A Critic


Photo courtesy of Culturebot

Culturebot’s Jeremy M. Barker, Mashinka Firunts, and Andy Horwitz present a performance of a participatory panel discussion that asks: What does it mean to take part in a conversation on the live arts? To whom is this privilege extended? And what role does a critic play in a moment when the tools and platforms for criticism are extended to a broadly defined public? Examining live art through On the Boards’ catalog of performance documentation, the trio explores the consequences of a scenario in which everyone is a critic.

Lead Artist:
CULTUREBOT is a website devoted to new modes of cultural critique in the exploration of contemporary performing arts. Launched as a blog for Performance Space 122 (NYC) in 2003 and operating independently since 2007, Culturebot.org covers contemporary performance in NYC, nationally and internationally. Led by Editor-in-Chief Andy Horwitz and Editor Jeremy Barker, Culturebot has become a major voice in the arts, taking as its mission the idea of critical horizontalism, a framework for arts engagement that proposes criticism as creative practice, reassessing spectatorship and engaging with artists’ process over time. They are joined by Culturebot correspondent Mashinka Firunts, a Philadelphia-based artist and student in the University of Pennsylvania’s PhD program in the History of Art.

Upcoming: Everyone’s a Critic (working title) will premiere at On The Boards in Seattle in March 2013


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