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Manifesto: Caden Manson/Big Art Group

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
- | Segal Theatre

After Spectacularity

Big Art Group

Photo courtesy of the artist

In this provocative polemic by the writer and the director of Big Art Group, Jemma Nelson and Caden Manson meditate on the meaning of spectacularity and its relationship to live performance in an age of media, video games, and slipping of the digital and the real.

Lead Artist: CADEN MANSON / BIG ART GROUP is a New York based experimental performance ensemble founded by Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson in 1999. Big Art Group uses language and media to push formal boundaries of theatre, film and visual arts.

Artists Involved: Caden Manson, Jemma Nelson, Heather Litteer, Kathleen Amshoff, Ned Stresen Reuter, David Commander, Jeff Ralston, and Ana Mari de Quesada.

Upcoming: People – L.E.S. at Abrons Arts Center in June 2013


Prelude.12 at a Glance

OCT. 3

OCT. 4

OCT. 5

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