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Prelude 12 Closing Night Party: Gershwin Hotel

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Friday, October 5, 2012
- | Gershwin Hotel

Photo by Cheryl Nishi


Friends of Joe – A Night of Poems, Stories, Songs and Laughter

“Karen Davis hosted a fundraising event I organized a couple years ago at Sugarland.  We didn’t make very much money, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to use the party model as a means to subsidize original art.”  — Tina Satter, Artistic Director of Half Straddle

Lead Artists: JOE RANONO is a day laborer, poet and party planner.  He produces rough chaps in his spare time and enjoys fishing, when he is able to make it away from the city’s cacophony, even for a single, precious day.  He is a leader of the men’s fiction writing group The Softer Side of the Rougher Sex. Video work includes: Pizza’s Here …, Help Me With This Pipe, The Princess and the Pee.

According to the Interweb, KAREN DAVIS is an American animal rights advocate, and president of United Poultry Concerns, a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to address the treatment of domestic fowl – including chickens, turkeys and ducks – in factory farming.  She also maintains a sanctuary.  But when Karen’s not fighting for foul, she’s making folks laugh all along a limited survey of the east coast.  Contact her at karendavislaughs@gmail.com for future bookings.  She’s available for private and public functions, reasonable rates.

MAY LION is a poet working in the The United States.



I Knew it Was a Floating Palace but the Image I had in Mind was Something More Like the Titanic

Artists Involved: Written by Scott Adkins; directed by Meghan Finn; scenic design by Sara Walsh; composed and performed by Alaina Ferris; performed by Lucy Kaminsky, Paul Ketchum and Samantha Tunnis.

Lead Artist: SCOTT ADKINS is a playwright with an MFA from Brooklyn College. He was in the 2006/2007 Soho Writer/Director Lab. He wears many hats. He lives in Brooklyn with his love Erin, his two boys, and their two dogs.




Eat it fancy!

it’s music. it’s a music set. it’s a shruggy flump, the non stop shwist and spout.

it’s a heavy bumpy grinder done broke the sprink sprink.

it is a good time for you to stand up and shift weight.

Lead Artist: ROB ERICKSON performs as lumberob. He is a writer and a performer and a musician. Rob currently teaches 8th grade honors humanities and drama at MS54 in Manhattan. He published his first book, Off the Hozzle, on 53rd State Press last year. He helps curate Little Theater. He is one of those Joyce Cho nut jobs. He went to Brown University and Brooklyn College. He is working on a new long-format solo freakout thing to be called Rocky Point. He wrote 68 pages at a recent Erik Ehn 24 hour silent retreat. He lives in Brooklyn with his family. His is a broken, lurching, shaky aesthetic –doing undoing. Eat it fancy! is a rare singsong set of curvy dance music.



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